Who Am I?


I'm an Sofware Engineer

What Am I?

I am an Software Engineer, since 2005 has been dive in the world of Software Development, and has been positioned on several companies of businesses ranging from IT consulting with specializing of data interchange and business logic in the field of customs until venture of equity market trading.


How The Specs I Have Ever Done?

Acted as Network Business Logic Software Engineer. That create API, SDK, Network Engine. I did these are mostly use with Delphi 7, GCC C, G++, Java, and Ruby-EventMachine.


Acted as Software Architect. That create full-stack system architect for propietary equity brokerage exchange online trading. I did these are mostly use with Delphi 7, CodeGear 2009, Xe3, Xe5, Java, Ruby-EventMachine, Android.


Acted as Software Engineer Consultant. That gives advices, opinions and solutions to some propietary customer for their advesaries problem.